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Faith Milestones

As we journey throughout our faith lives, we have the joy of growing as we reach various milestones along the way. Together, we celebrate these faith milestones with families. The Christian congregation's role is to bless the child, gift the family, and call the parents to keep their promises to share the faith with their children. Under this banner, St. John Dublin  marks specific and special milestones while providing the resources to develop the faith at home.


Baptism is a gift of God in which He gives the recipient faith in Jesus as Savior, the Holy Spirit and forgiveness of sins. Because this is a free gift of God, it is offered to people of all ages. 

Preschool Bible Presentation

Preschoolers receive a Bible to begin the exploration of God's Word as they are introduced to reading. They also can then begin joining us for Sunday School.


Third Grade Bible Presentation

Third grade students receive a full version of the Bible to explore God's Word fully and dive in deeper to learn more about the faith than ever before. 

First Feast

This faith milestone is the celebration of students taking communion for the first time. We rejoice with them as they are reminded of God's forgiveness for them, receive the strengthening of faith, and the salvation won through Jesus' death on the cross. 


At Baptism, parents promise to continue to teach their children in the faith which God has gifted them. The rite of Confirmation is when students take ownership of that faith and make it their own. Confirmation is preceded by a process of diving deeper into faith topics.



As students graduate from high school and move onto the next steps of their lives and more independently than ever before, we gift them with tools to continue in the faith in their endeavors. 

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