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Christians can define stewardship as the practice of rightly managing or caring for that which belongs to God. Stewardship is a synonym for the life of a Christian who is living rightly within all of his or her relationships: before God as well as before his fellow creatures. Stewardship is the Christian life and the Christian life is stewardship.

Here are some resources to help you better understand and practice Christian stewardship
as God defines it in His Word.

A Theological Perspective
The Christian Life begins at the baptismal font. God calls and claims his own, Christ's gifts are given, and the Spirit indwells the newly redeemed.
FAITH AFLAME Stewardship: A Theological Perspective Workbook

Stewardship of Time and Talents
Learning faithfulness from the prophet Daniel...
An Old Testament example: from the Book of Daniel

Stewardship and Your Neighbor "Love your neighbor as yourself" Matthew 22:39
What does it mean to be a good steward of your neighbor?
The Masks of God: Estates of Vocations & Stations in Life

Stewardship of Treasures “Honor the Lord with your wealth and with the first fruits of all your produce” Proverbs 3:9
Financial Stewardship during Life Stages

EMO Endowment Fund Application
Below is the link to the Education, Mission, and Outreach Endowment application.
This is open to everyone who would like to request funds pertaining to the 3 pillars (Education, Mission, and Outreach). 
EMO Endowment Application

Questions and comments are welcome!
Contact: Matt Farr or Ryan Strong
Board of Stewardship Members
or Steve Armstrong, Chairman, Board of Stewardship 

"Stewardship is the Christian life and the Christian life is stewardship."