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"An Awful Poem" Judges 4-5

"An Awful Poem"  Judges 4-5

Mar 16, 2022

Passage: Judges 4:1-5:31

Preacher: Rev. Adam Steinbrenner

Category: Lent


Order of service: Compline Prayer at Close of Day (Lutheran Service Book(LSB), pages 253 - 259)
Office Hymn: LSB 659 "Lord of Our Life"
Closing Hymn: LSB 539 "Christ Is the World's Redeemer"

References to the recording
The Prelude and hymn sing precede the service.
The service starts at 13:55.
The reading from Judges 4 starts at 19:00.
The sermon begins at 25:17, and includes the reading from Judges 5