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Covered Entryway, Driveway & Narthex Remodel

More 2021 Photos to come.

Weeks 11 & 12/Dec. 28-30 & Jan. 4-8 2021
Covered Entryway and Covered Drop-off columns are brick finished.

Trim and roof are carefully placed.

The foundation for the brick arch frame is created.

The portico vestment and coat room framing is made ready.

Drain lines are dug and installed.

Week 10/December 21-23, 2020
Scaffolding is set and concrete pillars are prepared for brick.



Week 7/November 30-December 4, 2020
The covered entryway
- the section which will allow cars to pass through is framed with lumber.

Week 6/November 23-25 Thanksgiving week!
During week 3 concrete cement was poured in the area designated for the new coat room. This week more cement was poured for the the coat room floor.

The covered entryway was framed with lumber.

Week 5/November 16-20
The new coat room foundation.

Steel beams and lumber for the covered walkway arrived.

Covered walkway construction over the week included sunny days!

Week 4/November 9-13:
Bulldozing the land between the Sanctuary and Parking area:


Concrete blocks are laid in the entryway. The beginnings of the columns that will support the covered entryway.

More soil is removed

Week 3/November 2-6:
Concrete cement is poured in the area designated for the new coat room.

The mapped walkway is surveyed by the crew.

Stakes mark were the walkway columns will be placed.

Grates are placed over the column foundations of the walkway.

The walkway column foundations closest to the parking area are poured with cement.

Parking lot islands begin transformation with heavy equipment.

Fill dirt has a new purpose in the Community Garden.

Week 2/October 26-28:

The porch and slate rubble is hauled away.
Fencing went up.

Week 1 Today, the construction work began, October 19th 2020.
The workman put up a plastic curtain barrier in the Narthex,

...and jackhammered the slate from the old coat room, on day 2. 
Day 3. Cement is removed from the porch.

Planning together:
Neil Furr, Phil Sutton & part of the construction crew.

The main south entrance (#1) is temporarily closed and an alternative entrance is made at the gym door/off the preschool playground for both preschool and Sunday Worship.

The west entrance near the Historic Sanctuary (#5) remains open.